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What’s Not to Like About Winter?

Snow Shovel

Who needs a fancy treadmill when a simple shovel and free snow will do the trick?!

By Jen Ashenfelter

There’s plenty of negativity and whining throughout social media. In an effort to always look at the glass half full, I offer you these thoughts on the recent string of snow storms blanketing my little slice of Pennsylvania–might I add–before the “official” start of the winter season. (Tiny bit of snarkiness intended…)

• Shoveling snow is great exercise which I don’t seem to get much of lately. I love that my entire body, right down to the tips of my fingers reminds me of this glorious fact for days following my winter workout.
• Working from home on snowy days allows me to be with the kids during a two-hour delay, and I don’t have to drive on the roads with the rest of the yahoos. This also gives me additional opportunities for exercise (read the previous point) as there’s no one else at home to shovel the driveway before everyone returns home or to clear the deck and backyard for the dog to do her business.


Shoveling the deck and part of the backyard for the dog is one of the many perks of working from home when it snows….

• I love the refreshing crisp air nipping at my nose and giving me goose bumps because it clears my sinuses and the cool 68 degrees inside my house feels amazingly warmer than it did before I went outside. Venturing into the winter wonderland frequently, especially without a coat, is a great way to save money on heating my home.
• Living in Pennsylvania, I get to experience all four seasons which makes me appreciate three of them so much more and gives me the chance to lovingly invite Mother Nature to “bite me” every winter.
• Cabin fever takes me back to my days as a real estate agent because I begin to notice all the positives about my home. This comes in handy as I offer Realtors the opportunity to sell my home because I’m moving to Southern California…


“No really honey, I’ll be happy to shovel the driveway by myself before everyone gets home.”