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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I have been hunting here in pa for 51 years and i can tell u some great stories, those about the huge masses of hunters that hunted small game at one time, when the pheasant ruled the air here in pa, and a time when there weren’t many deer except in the northern areas. Let me say i remember meeting my first female afield deer hunting some 30 odd years ago, right here near my home town of coal center, the conversation didn’t last long–she was hunting alone because no man would hunt with her, she told me, that’s a shame i said to her, keep doing it and the guys will catch up.

    My point is this personally i would have enjoyed hunting with any woman, being a father of 3 daughters, only my youngest ever showed interest in hunting, and she after only several years gave up, even with me, why? ridicule by men? possibly, not me. I never asked her why, always figured if she wanted she would, if not she won’t.

    Let me say i think ‘great, if u enjoy hunting then by all means hunt, no matter what gender u are.

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