Outdoor Weather Calls For A Beautiful Outdoor Area

Summer is about two months away, and many of us are dreaming of warm, sunny weather after an especially long winter. Today we welcome guest blogger Naomi Shaw to bring a breath of fresh air, sunshine and outdoor design inspiration from her home in California.

By Naomi Shaw 

Sometimes all you need to revamp your home is a feature added to your outdoor area. Whether it’s your front yard, backyard or a little art studio in the back, the following ideas can make any outside space a wonderful, enjoyable place to spend time, especially with friends and family.

Image Courtesy of Acutech

Image Courtesy of Acutech

Cedar Bar

One of the most useful pieces for a gorgeous and fully functional outdoor area is a simple bar. You’ll need a large, flat surface where you can prepare and serve food and drinks for your outdoor guests. You’ll also need some storage space for your outdoor serving dishes, utensils, and other preparation tools.

  • You can build this DIY bar with a little craftsmanship and patience. Here’s an informative step-by-step list from Home at Home, a great resource for homeowners, on how to build a cedar bar all by yourself.

Fold-Down Picnic Table

Similar to the nostalgic murphy bed, this picnic table can be stored against an outdoor wall in your backyard.

  • Simply buy a picnic table and construct a DIY wall mount. Check out these basic picnic table designs from instructables, a site for creating just about anything on your own.
  • You can raise the table when your kids want a space to play, and lower it down quickly and easily for hosting guests or enjoying time with the fam.

Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces, whether they’re built into your patio or set up like a bonfire, are wonderful places for people to gather. Once the sun dips below the horizon and evening settles in, guests will likely congregate around the warming flames so the conversations can continue, instead of simply leaving because it’s too chilly.

Image Courtesy of Ethanol Fireplace Pros

Image Courtesy of Ethanol Fireplace Pros

  • Use an environmentally friendly ethanol fireplace, which does not release carbon dioxide into the air as would basic wood and flames.
  • Ethanol fireplaces are easily started and shut off, unlike having to light a flame and hope that it will catch.
  • This type of fireplace does not have to be permanently mounted, if you’re looking for something you can move around the yard.

Outdoor Shower

Nothing feels more outdoorsy and refreshing than showering outside. Whether you’re home from the beach and want to wash off all the sand or you just need a breath of fresh air, having an outdoor shower is a great idea for any backyard.

Image Courtesy StoneandTurf.com

Image Courtesy StoneandTurf.com

Backyard Party Shed

Whether it’s a potting shed or a party shed, a fun place outside of the house to spend time and share stories will make any backyard a great place to be.

  • This DIY renovated shed from ReDesigning Sarah, an inspirational home and family blog, shows just one way you can revamp a lowly box into a lively party destination.
  • If a party shed is not your thing, consider renovating a small shack as a reading room or an art studio. Sometimes all you need to “get away” is a walk outside to your studio.

Even just choosing one of these fun projects will turn your backyard space into your own beautiful space you can show off to friends, family, and party guests. Hang out in a party shed, relax by the fireplace, or have delicious meal on your fold-down picnic table.

Have you added one of these features to your yard? Thinking about diving into one of these projects? Feel free to leave a comment below and share your ideas and tips!

Naomi Shaw is a writer from Southern California. She loves to write about home decor and recently has been remodeling her backyard with her husband and even getting her three boys involved. She is hoping it is all done and set for some summer BBQ’s this year. 

2 thoughts on “Outdoor Weather Calls For A Beautiful Outdoor Area

  1. Maybe not this summer, maybe not next summer, but I can tell you when it’s time for a new deck (as I look out the window at my current splinter factory…oh, that cedar bar is a definite!!! Nice ideas–wishing I had a bigger backyard and budget.

  2. Welcome to OTMGR, Naomi! Thank you for sharing these tips for creating or adding to backyard space. I am definitely going to share this with my husband who will soon be turning his attention to a little outdoor improvement. I had been thinking we should install an outdoor shower, even if it looks a little “rustic,” somewhere close to our house as a spot for cooling off or cleaning up ~ after spending time playing in the summer sun, or tending to our wooded 2 1/2 acre property. Great ideas – thanks again!

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