Girls’ Getaway: Scrapbooking

This scrapbook page by my friend Paula is a slam dunk!

This scrapbook page by my friend Paula is a slam dunk!

By Karen Hendricks

Photos have a wonderful way of reconnecting us to treasured moments, past events and important people in our lives. But as a busy mom, I am guilty—like most of you too, I imagine—of leaving those precious photos on my digital camera cards, or on my iPhone way too long. I try to stay up-to-date with downloading them, organizing them, saving them to CDs and backing them up in the cloud. But printing them? That happens pretty infrequently, I’m sad to say.

So it was a joy to work with hundreds of photos this past weekend, and chip away at an on-going project: scrapbooks for all three of my children. My friend and fellow Off the Merry-Go-Round writer Ruth organized a scrapbooking girls’ getaway weekend at an area hotel. About 25 of us filled our vehicles with bins and crates bursting with albums, photos, scrapbooking supplies—and much smaller in comparison, our overnight bags. We gathered in the hotel conference room and “scrapped” to our hearts’ content from Friday afternoon straight through til Sunday around noon.

If you have never participated in an event like this, I highly recommend it! My fellow blogger Jen wrote previously about the benefits of girls’ getaways (click here). So not only does an event like this provide plenty of time to nurture friendships—both old and new—it also provides time to preserve some of your family’s history. My friend and fellow writer Chris has been writing about her incredible journey researching and preserving her family history (click here for her latest post). While scrapbooking was a popular hobby for the past few years, it is sadly trending downward in popularity. Perhaps the biggest reason is that it’s time-consuming. I am sticking with it, because I feel as though the results are worth the effort—scrapbooking is a modern way of preserving our family’s history. And it provides a fun, creative outlet!

Over the course of the weekend, there were women scrapbooking memories of Disney vacations, baby days, family weddings, 4th of July fireworks, lots of sporting events including basketball games and Super Bowls, even marathons they ran, and the list goes on and on… what a treasure trove of incredible moments in our lives. It was an inspirational weekend that provided a real sense of accomplishment for all of us. Even though my oldest daughter is in college, her scrapbook was stuck in the 5th grade. At the end of the weekend, at least I brought her into the middle school years! Enjoy these photos, chronicling our fun—and creative—weekend:

photo 6web

Setting the scene… scrapbooking madness is underway!

Diane even has a supply of ribbons, organized by color, to embellish her pages... wow!

Diane even has a supply of ribbons, organized by color, to embellish her pages… wow!

Memories of a Christmas cookie marathon... mmmm

Mmmmm… Memories of a Christmas cookie marathon, by Bev.

Beautiful fall memories... by Gretchen

Beautiful fall memories… by Gretchen

Scrapbooking takes a lot of energy... good thing we have Gary's Famous Chicken Corn Soup (made and delivered by Ruth's husband). Delish!

Scrapbooking takes a lot of energy… good thing we have Gary’s Famous Chicken Corn Soup (made and delivered by Ruth’s husband). Delish!

Scrapbooking smiles... Ruth and I

Scrapbooking smiles… Ruth and I

photo 4web

My scrapbooking buddy Susan created an awesome Steelers page… that is quite a compliment coming from an Eagles fan 🙂

Heather's creativity sparked a spectacular fireworks page!

Heather’s creativity sparked a spectacular fireworks page!

The room as a ghost town by 1:30 am... Gretchen and I were the "last men standing."

The room was a ghost town by 1:30 am Friday night/Saturday morning… Gretchen and I were the “last men standing.”

What a creative Easter-themed page... love the photos trimmed into egg shapes.

What a creative Easter-themed page… love the photos trimmed into egg shapes.

Even a scrapbook page featuring photos from a whale watch!

Even a scrapbook page featuring photos from a whale watch!

Saturday night's dessert... Butterfinger Angel Food Delight

Saturday night’s dessert… Butterfinger Angel Food Delight

And this is what a scrapbooker's car looks like... all packed up and ready to head home. Great memories!

And this is what a scrapbooker’s car looks like… all packed up and ready to head home. Great memories!

Do you maintain family photo albums or scrapbooks? What are your tips for printing photos, journaling or scrapbooking? And have you taken the time for a “girls’ weekend?” We’d love to hear your stories…

4 thoughts on “Girls’ Getaway: Scrapbooking

  1. I’ve been scrapbooking since 2005 and I sell scrapbooking supplies (Close To My Heart) and I operate Mountain Mamas Retreats, Weekend Getaways for Crafty Ladies. My friends and I get together for day crops and sometimes we go away for the weekend. A tip I recently heard is a service actually that helps you get those digital photos off your camera cards, like you mentioned. If you do pocket scrapbooking like Picture My Life, subscribe to Groovebook. When you take photos with your phone, you flag your favorites. Once you have 50 flags (I think that’s how it works), Groovebook prints your photos and sends them in a book. They’re perforated so you can tear them out, trim them and slip them into the pocket pages.

  2. Hi Cynthia, thanks so much for finding our blog & adding your advice! I just heard of Groovebook too but have yet to try it out. It sounds very convenient! How wonderful that you are able to combine such a fun hobby with your business. Congrats! Wishing you much continued success! 🙂

  3. What a fun post to read! I never got into the “scrapbooking thing,” and really don’t see myself doing it. However, I can really appreciate falling behind on downloading pictures off my phone and getting them organized into the albums in ‘My Pictures’ on my computer – which is where I store them (backed up in the Cloud, of course!). One thing I have done for my son in addition to his large baby album is to create smaller, hard cover photo albums on Shutterfly which tell stories. I have one that tells his adoption story, one that talks about each set of his grandparents (which I am even more grateful to have now that my father has passed away), and one that shares his baptism day. I am getting ready to create a few more, yet this time with no text or words to tell the story – only the pictures I choose to add. The “story lines” will be from smaller “themes” in his life such as: Goodnight Me; Things I Like To Do; Being Silly; My School Days. So, for example, the cover of an album would read “Goodnight Me” and then each page inside would be a photo taken of my son while he was sleeping – likely put in chronological order. I think my son will find these little album books a joy to look through, and allow him the creative space to tell his own stories!

    • I adore your ideas Jennifer! Snapfish offers wonderful digital scrapbook options. The books you describe are just as special as scrapbooks made by hand. “Goodnight Me” is a wonderful idea that I’m sure your son will enjoy for years to come! Have fun creating these family treasures.

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