First Day… Hurray?

By Karen Hendricks

Here comes the bus... Source: Wikimedia Commons

Here comes the bus… Source: Wikimedia Commons

‘Tis the season… The back-to-school season! Do you cheer with a “Hurray” or reach for the tissues? Are your kids excited or scared–or both? The phrase “back to school” conveys a variety of emotions and meanings:

  • The excitement of new beginnings
  • Sadness over the end of summer vacation
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Changes… a new grade, perhaps a new school, a different bus
  • Another year older
  • The passage of time
  • Time moving too quickly
  • Milestones
  • Growing up
  • Happiness at being reunited with friends
  • Worrying about finding classrooms
  • Picking out and planning the first day of school outfit
  • Brightly-colored, new backpacks
  • New sneakers, squeaky-clean
  • Getting back into a familiar school day routine
  • Adjusting to new schedules
  • Dreading homework
  • Yellow pencils, pink erasers
  • Early mornings and alarm clocks
  • Posing for first day of school pictures

I think you can see all of these emotions and examples, in the photo collection (below) from our Off the Merry-Go-Round bloggers and families, as they rang in the first days of school recently. Enjoy! Wishing our readers and their families all the best, as we all embark upon a new school year together.

What does the first day of school mean to you? Make sure you take pictures to capture these precious moments and emotions!

(Click on any of the photos to open a slideshow.)

10 thoughts on “First Day… Hurray?

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  2. That crazy woman doing a jig as the bus pulls away is me. Aside from getting up before the sun…and homework… my boys like getting back to school–time away from mom and with friends!

  3. Man, I didn’t get pics! As much as they drove me crazy (I was home with the kiddos this summer), they matured so much! Two were raring to go & my preteen tried to pretend he wasn’t. This first day is a day to exhale for me, but a day for them to see a vast horizon of possibilities. This year is the first that all 3 of my kids know what they want to be when they grow up (or so they think)! It’s been the best “off to school” year yet. Now the real proof will be when they come home. I’ve gotta get a really yummy after school treat for them so I can hear all about it!

    • Hi Tonya, Welcome to “Off the Merry-Go-Round!” So glad you found us. Don’t worry–you can always get pics on the 2nd day of school. 😉 Hope you enjoyed a restful exhale & hope it was a successful day for everyone. I love the fact that your children all have goals and career ideas in mind. Those are precious ideas for us to nurture as parents. And I don’t think that can ever start too early! Thanks for commenting & stop back again soon! 🙂

  4. I will be taking the LAST first day of school picture after Labor Day as my oldest goes off to his senior year of high school! So glad I have made my boys endure that first day of school tradition — so much character wrapped up in those photos as you look back at the series now.

    • Hi Kat, Enjoy taking that last/first day photo! Here’s an idea that I used last year when my oldest daughter marked her last/first day as a HS senior: I found the photo of her first day of kindergarten, had an 8×10 made and framed it. When I took her last/first day photo, I had her hold the framed photo. You may remember a previous post including the photo:

      Just a thought since you still have some time!

      And kudos to you for sticking with this tradition–you are absolutely right about looking back and being able to see all the growth and character through back-to-school photos. Priceless treasures!

      • Thanks for the reminder on that great earlier post of yours — I suspect I will be lucky to have him endure the last year of first day pictures without adding the accessory (but you never know!) — one year I had to do a 2nd day of school photo because I spaced it the first day! We’ll see how organized we all are next week!

  5. I have so enjoyed reading everyone’s comments on Karen’s post … and welcome, Tonya! You can be sure that there are plenty of recipes for delicious treats to be found here on Off the Merry-Go-Round! Enjoy!

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