By Mary Ann Filler

Who doesn’t get a bit stressed during the holiday season?  Of course, all of the stress we experience is not bad, but stress is stress.  A chronicle of all of the types of stress we deal with this time of year is not needed; we can easily identify what makes us crazy.  What we really need is a remedy.  USA Today recently published a quiz related to handling holiday stress.  The bottom line was that experts say to calm yourself during the holiday rush by eating well, getting enough sleep and making time for walking or meditation.  (Kelly Bothum, Wilmington News-Journal)

I think all of those suggestions are great, but I think they are overlooking one amazing remedy for stress: HUMOR!  I don’t want to spend my 800 words telling you how beneficial it is to laugh; I would rather attempt to actually make you laugh.  Today’s post will hopefully offer you all some much needed comic relief.

Everyone’s view of what is humorous varies greatly.  There are those that enjoy a “dirty joke” while others have a more simplistic sense of humor.  A good play-on-words might tickle your funny bone, or maybe a real life funny story.  In any event, my hope is that at least one thing in this post will appeal to your sense of humor and that you will enjoy uncontrollable laughter at some point.  There are times when I find something so funny that I laugh uncontrollably.  If I could give you that gift this holiday season, I would!  It’s a real blessing to see the humor in life particularly as it relates to…

(click on any photo below to make it larger)

May your holidays be JOLLY and bright!!!!  AND if you’ve heard any good jokes lately, share them here!!!!

And for more stress relief, click on the previous blog post “The Reason for the Season” by Ruth Topper. Jesus is the ultimate stress-reliever!

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